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Our sell back Process

If you notice any discrepancy in your sell process, please contact us within 7 business days.

  • I have never sold books back online before. Why should I trust you?

We appreciate that you put a lot of trust in us by selling your books and we take that responsibility very seriously. We're proud of the service we try to provide to our customers. Our team is working hard to provide best customer service to our each customer. If you're on Twitter & Facebook, you can also view our pages there and easily connect with customers, and hear about their experiences. 

  • What items are unacceptable for sell back?

At BookmyBook you can sell used textbooks & Novels. But before selling back your item(s); please ensure that each item meets our quality standards, which are prescribed under ‘Book Condition’ tab.

  • I have entered quite a few ISBN’s / bar codes and you are not making an offer for these items. Why not?

We buy a wide variety of items, however, we already have multiple copies of many of the “best sellers” and popular titles and unfortunately are not a position buy further copies. Popular fiction (particularly paperbacks by popular authors) often falls into this category. Another reason for a title being rejected is the age of the publication. Books published within the last two years are more likely to be accepted.

  • Do you purchase Readers Digest books & Magazines?


  • Do you accept Textbooks at BookmyBook.co.in?

Yes, we do buy textbooks. In fact, college level textbooks are more likely to be purchased than many other types of book. Type the ISBN number/Book Details and we’ll make you an offer.

  • How do I find my order ID number?

To get your order ID number, you will need to log into your account. Click on “My Account” at the top. Scroll down and underneath “Orders” there will be your order ID number.

  • I have old books without ISBN numbers. Will you buy those?

Yes, we buy books without ISBN number too. Click on ‘Add book yourself’ option and fill in all the required details while building your cart and offer price will be provided to you within 24 hours.


  • You mention ISBN – what is this?

ISBN stands for International Standard Book Number. Since 1970, the vast majority of titles that have been published have a unique number identifying it. This is either a 10 or 13 digit number. It is normally found on the back cover of the book under the bar code. However, it can be located in other places:

  • Inside the front or back flap on a dust jacket
  • On certain paperbacks, just inside the front cover
  • On the 2nd or 3rd page of the book where all the publishers information is located.

  • What is the Process?

It is a simple 4 step process:

    1. You type in the ISBN or Barcode of the item that you wish to sell and upload its image.
    2. We tell you how much we can pay for each item. If you are happy with the value you accept and your items are moved to the seller basket. Further, you will receive an email from us confirming the values, so that you have a record.
    3. Our representative visits you. Pack and pick your order and provide you with a packing slip. The shipping is free and you do not have to pay any money.
    4. It can take up to 3-4 days for the items to reach us .Post receiving the item(s) we will email you the confirmation receipt. After quality check (within 5 days) we will pay you according to your preferred payment receiving method.

  • I am outside Delhi/NCR. Will you buy my items?

No, But we will add different cities to the service zone soon

  • I'm having technical problems using the site?

If you are having problems, we want to know about them. Please email us on care@bookmybook.co.in

If you send a book that we do not buy back, the book will not be returned to you and will be recycled. Some examples of books that we do not buy back are liquid damaged books; books with damaged bindings (e.g., pages loose, missing, or falling out); defective books; and books with torn/taped covers, or study guides/workbooks with any highlighting/writing.

BookmyBook.co.in will provide you with a free pickup. We also provide you a tracking order Id for every order placed by you on our website. This will help you to track your order details.

We cannot pay you for items that arrived bent, mangled, torn, or otherwise dismembered. BookmyBook.co.in will not pay you for books we do not receive. Damage incurred during shipping does not happen very often.

      If your package is received damaged and books are missing, we will not be able to pay for any missing books.

Pricing is based entirely on demand. We can usually beat your local college bookstore on price, since your bookstore will only pay you a low wholesale rate unless they can immediately sell the item. Additionally, we have the largest buyback catalog on the web, so we can almost always make an offer. Please note the amount quoted is dependent upon you correctly identifying the condition and edition of each book.

Selling under multiple accounts is not permitted. We set our quantity limits on a per merchant basis. If multiple accounts are created and the maximum number of items that can be sold is exceeded, the additional items we receive will be discarded. Do not create multiple buybacks or multiple accounts to sell more copies of a single ISBN. All items received in excess of the quantity limit will be discarded. Items are not returned for any reason. It is the seller's responsibility to read, understand, and follow our guidelines.

Sell back Payments

  • How do I get paid?

At BookmyBook.co.in you can choose your preferred payment method and we pay quicker than anyone else! At the point of order confirmation, you choose either:

Check: Payments are mailed within 7 business days after your shipment is processed through quality check. It may take 2-3 days to reach you

Online Transfer: - Payments are issued within 5 business day after your shipment is processed through the quality check. It will take 1 day to reflect in your statements.

Wallet Transfer: Credits are issued within 5 business day after your order gets picked up.

You should receive your check within 7-10 business days after your shipment is processed through quality check. However, if you do not receive your cheque within 15 days, please contact us immediately.

You must encash your cheque within 90 days of the check date. The cheque will be void after 90 days.

  • I cannot find my cheque or I’ve lost my cheque. Will you reissue one?

If it has been fewer than 90 days from the issued date, you may request a onetime reissue of your cheque provided it has not been cashed. Be sure to include a note detailing your sellback number and the address at which the new cheque shall be sent to. Please note that we reserve the right to assess processing fees when applicable.

You must enclose in your original cheque and a note detailing your buyback number and the address to which the cheque shall be sent. Please note that we reserve the right to assess processing fees when applicable.

No. Once a payment receiving method is selected and your payment is processed, it cannot be changed. For example, we are unable to change a wallet credit to a cheque or bank transfer.

Still have any questions..? Reach us at care@bookmybook.co.in